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I help self-funded business owners put a strategic operational strategy in place, to make sure your financial decisions set you up to thrive, without having to sell, take on partners, or spend years figuring out everything by yourself.

This is the journey of the self-funded business owner positioned for growth. And we bring the elite operational support, expertise, and sounding board to you. This allows you to keep your dream, let your business thrive, and know you do not need to make every decision alone.

I help you move from founder to CEO.


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Let’s get your money right, on your terms. The good news: there’s a profitable version




Running it – There is a whole lot to being the founding CEO that is less fun than you imagined.



Successful CEOs know that the company story is bigger than them. They know they need a team


meet jill

Sometimes we start businesses to birth ideas, and sometimes because it’s the best option available. I started my company out of necessity. I was 7 months pregnant and realized being COO of a VC-backed tech startup was not going to work for me. 

When I started working with self-funded founders, I realized they often started off the same way I did, and wanted to build on their mission to change how we work, offer good jobs, and build a financially healthy company that rewards their full value. From my roles as a banker, financial planner, and executive at VC-backed startups, I knew there were lots of ways for these founders to be successful CEOs on their own terms. 

So I made your strategic operations my business. There’s a big challenge in the life of your company, what I call the awkward adolescence. You’ve found customers and are making okay money, but now you want to double, triple, maybe even 10x the company. In this phase, every dollar and decision counts. It’s hard to find the right support.

I help you move your company through the decisions and challenges that come with the next level of growth.



“I worked with Jill on our operations and growth strategy. Our growth has landed us on the Inc 500 for five years. We continue to rely on Jill as a trusted advisor as our business evolves.”

Amber Allen, Founder & Chief Strategist
Double A Labs


“Jill helped me see the opportunity in pivoting from reselling to starting my own line, and helped me find the self-financing to make it possible. Her business support has helped us reach $4 million in sales in our first year and hit our pre-pandemic 2020 goals.”

Dafina Smith, CEO & Founder
Covet & Mane


“No one has helped me think about my business from an actual business person perspective as much as Jill James. To say I’m impressed with Jill is an understatement. Basically, Jill is your COO thinking about how to grow your business, maximize your work, and get the best clients.”

Stephanie Craig, President & Founder
Apeiron Strategy Group


“Wow, I can’t believe I wasn’t doing and thinking about these ideas already. I want to do the work in the CEO Confidence course because I feel empowered and know what I’m doing now. I’m not just running some hobby; it’s a legit business. Now I feel like I’ve got this.”

Lysandra McGregor, Founder
Atelier Lysandra


“I used to look at revenue but now that I’ve worked with Jill, I’m all about that profit line.”

Christine Mortensen, President & Founder
Sprk’d Digital Marketing